the litany

mass dis-consumption

i was hired by the wmaa to assist sophia al-maria in the development of her installation black friday, during summer 2016.
technical direction
art handling

the installation involved 100+ second-hand mobile devices, which all needed to loop a specific video for three months. my first task was to figure out how to get all of those devices, with a budget of < 10usd per device. the second task was to figure out a consistent way to play a video across devices. since some had no sd card, no wifi capabilities, faulty browsing capabilities, this ended up in me learning how to do native android development.

the second part of this project involved the actual installation of those devices, and making sure that yhey would all have power for the coming 120 days, since turning them on and off everyday wouldn't be realistic. we distributed the devices on 2 power circuits, making sure the one that was powering tablets had a lighter load.

all in all, it was pretty fun. museums are the best working environments.